Introducing the Tactical Performance Management System...

Tactical Performance Management (TPM) is about how teams and individuals in organizations plan, execute, monitor, and adjust their day-to-day activities in alignment with the goals and resources that have been assigned to them.
For a vast majority of organizations TPM is an unstructured, manual process that is both inefficient and error-prone. Therefore, most organizations make tactical decisions on a daily basis that waste resources, undermine strategic execution, and inhibit both agility and innovation.
Tactical Performance Management systems will finally span the current gap between top-down enterprise performance management (EPM) systems and underlying operational systems so business teams can rapidly implement high-performance, integrated TPM processes that deliver much tighter alignment between goals and tasks through unprecedented transparency and agility.
Task-level planning, monitoring, and analysis
Business modeling and automated forecasting
Real-time updates and online meetings
Resource assignment and tracking
Workflow and process monitoring
Inter-team collaboration and transparency
Document management
Tight integration with EPM and operational systems
Data and communication security
Incremental deployment, team by team
Simple, low monthly fee for each planning user
Hosted and on-premises versions

...because no strategy is better than its tactical execution

coOptimum is developing the market's first packaged TPM application and is seeking partnerships with EPM vendors and implementers to provide customers with pre-integrated BPM solutions. Contact for more details.

Featured Resources

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Contributors: David JH Jones (Chairman, BPM International; Director of Services, Paragon Consulting); Alistair M Shaw (Founder, coOptimum)
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Version: 1.3.1
Contributors: David JH Jones (Chairman, BPM International; Director of Services, Paragon Consulting); Alistair M Shaw (Founder, President, coOptimum)