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Engineering The Future of Business Performance Management

In every large organization there are hundreds or thousands of business teams that are responsible for the various projects and programs that, when aggregated, deliver their organization’s overall performance.

Nearly all business teams make decisions in face-to-face meetings, communicate with one another via e-mail and record their work in spreadsheets, presentation slides, and text documents.

Given these circumstances, we should ask the following questions:
  • Is this the most efficient way to manage projects and programs?
  • Is the quality of management across teams consistently high?
  • Are team goals aligned to the current organizational goals, and can this alignment be proved?
  • Are teams anticipating and responding to new business opportunities and threats fast enough?
  • How do teams continuously coordinate their activities with other teams?
  • Do current CPM and BI technologies satisfy the day-to-day BPM requirements of business teams?

At coOptimum we believe the answer to all these questions is NO, and that this represents a very significant opportunity to open up a new segment of the Business Performance Management (BPM) market that we are calling:

Team Performance Management (TPM).


TPM is the companion of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and must incorporate BI and other technologies to deliver a team-oriented BPM capability that, together with CPM, meets the full potential of BPM to deliver sustainable competitive and strategic advantages for its customers.

coOptimum is developing the market's first packaged TPM application and is seeking partnerships with CPM vendors to provide customers with the pre-integrated BPM solutions. Contact info@cooptimum.net for more details.